April 18, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Royal Flush

When I heard the silly news about the "Iraq's Most Wanted" set of playing cards, I tried to dismiss it as not being worth my time. If the U.S. military wanted to throw some diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades on photos of the Iraqi leaders they're hunting, who cares? Apparently a gaggle of collectors do, as they seem to be willing to pay several hundred dollars on eBay for replicas of these playing cards. Me, I couldn't care less.

But I can't seem to get away from these playing cards. The media keep talking about them, running photos of the cards instead of simple headshots along with accompanying news stories. Flush with excitement over the capture of Saddam's half-brother, for example, the press called him "the five of clubs" with a straight face. I think it's quickly becoming a full house in Syria, while coalition forces play 52-pickup in Baghdad.

If the best our forces can draw is a five of clubs, I wouldn't suggest raising the stakes just yet, even though President Bush has as unreadable a poker face as any good ol' cowboy from west Texas. The only royal flush that coalition forces have yet drawn has been the flush of Saddam's regime into neighboring Syria. But like a game of five-card no-peekee, I think the day will come soon when we'll suddenly turn the cards over and reveal a three-of-a-kind: evidence of chemical, biological and radiological weapons. With an ace-high—the Ace of Spades—proof of Saddam's demise.

Note: I will be spending the Easter weekend camping in Joshua Tree National Park, so the next update will be uploaded on Sunday night. Enjoy your weekend!


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