April 17, 2003

By Michael Strickland

A Long Strange Trip

What a long, strange trip it's been.

Since graduating from film school eight years ago, I have worked a glamorous job as a TV writer, jetting back and forth between Los Angeles and Denver. I have been a beach bum, supporting myself as a freelance writer. I have headed the creative division of a startup children's television network, only to come to work one Friday and find the office raided and the president of the company indicted for fraud. And in the last two years, I have gone from being a mid-level manager at a Fortune 100 entertainment-media company, engaged to be married to a beautiful woman and living in a luxury penthouse condominium; to a single law school dropout, working as a security guard and living in a small apartment in a neighborhood lovingly called "the Dog Patch."

If my circle of friends and acquaintances can be viewed to some degree as a microcosm of society as a whole, I know I am not alone in experiencing a set of post-9/11 challenges. But solidarity can only comfort so much. Even as many people stand around me, all of us trying to cram ourselves into a tight job market, I feel like the last guy standing when two captains pick teams for a baseball game. On some days, it can be hard to keep frustration and disappointment at bay.

At the same time, however, nothing can instill optimism like a clean slate. With no strings, all things are possible. Seven layoffs in eight years made for an ever-changing employment history, but a fresh start now can lay a stronger foundation for future success. Eventually, I'll get my turn at bat, and will hopefully be a part of a strong team for the long haul.


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