March 29, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Tomorrow's Gonna Suck

On a lark, I recently bought a bumper sticker that reads "Tomorrow's gonna suck." It seemed a pithy encapsulation of the current state of my life, not to mention an often accurate prediction of world affairs in this day and age. However, I've kept it hidden away in my desk drawer, too embarrassed to post it anywhere public (though, if things continue as they have, I might break down and slap it on my forehead before going out to the grocery store). Self-pity—or rather, the public display of self-pity—is pathetic, and no one likes to read or hear about it. Like envy, it's one of those dirty little emotions that is best kept private. Though I've let slip a few whinings here and there (see the second sentence of this paragraph, for instance), I've tried to restrain myself as much as possible from complaining about my personal and professional issues.

Having said that, however, perhaps I can be forgiven one little pessimistic rant before I resume my normally reserved, generally upbeat scribblings. Many of my recent yesterdays have sucked, so it's easy to believe that tomorrow will suck too. Certainly, I would have correctly described the way today went had I proclaimed "tomorrow's gonna suck" yesterday. Though the day started out promising with my brother helping me lower my income taxes, it quickly degenerated after a brief meeting with my "ex." Imagine dragging a plow through the muck at the bottom of Los Angeles Harbor, and you'll have a pretty good idea of the effect the encounter had on me. I won't get into the personal details, but suffice to say visibility was reduced to zero for the rest of the day.

On the bright side, my recent trials have reminded me how wonderful my family is. They have been a tremendous source of support during this period of "molting," whereas many of my friends have faded into the woodwork. As they say, you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your relatives. Had I the luxury, I couldn't have chosen a more thoughtful and caring group of people to be my family.

I hope to remain close to them. With no job (no "real" job, anyway), no love life and no strong ties, I am casting my net wide. There's no telling where my life's next chapter will open. The slow uprooting of the past two years has been traumatic, but also liberating in its own way. I stand at a true turning point, with the rare opportunity to point my bow in any direction. I've chosen poorly in the past, so now's my chance to choose wisely. Hopefully tomorrow won't suck.


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