March 21, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Works in Progress

Since today marks the start of spring*, tradition suggests writing about beginnings. But I can't think of a more trite theme. And though I launched this column with a discussion of endings, that topic seems overdone as well. Perhaps I should examine the subject of works in progress.

My father's wine, for instance. His first vintage of merlot is still a question mark (at least since last time I tasted it), but his first batch of viognier (the 2002 "Patriots" vintage) pleases the palate enough—even though it's still a work in progress—that my father is considering entering it in the state fair competition this summer.

Freedom in Iraq is also underway. One might say "progress is in progress." Whether or not you support U.S. action against Saddam Hussein, it now seems a foregone conclusion that the country, which has been under the heavy thumb of a dictator for 35 years, will soon become a democratic republic. While such a change will not happen overnight, it is sure to be a change for the better for most Iraqis.

On, the Short Film Festival is in progress, and last time I checked, my friend David Orr's short, "The Grimm Cycle," was in contention to be included in the Top Ten. The top films will be watched by such Hollywood heavies as Bono, Mike Myers, Danny Devito and more. There is no single winner per se in this film festival, but getting your work seen by such "players" is prize enough for an aspiring filmmaker. My own script continues to do well, though Trigger Street has not yet announced a "festival" or contest for screenplays. ICE MOON currently holds the #50 position out of 1,728 scripts on the site.

If January 1 is seen as the beginning of the year, then surely the start of spring marks a milestone in the progression of the year, not its inception. And I hope this logic extends to my professional life. I planted many seeds in the first three months of this year, so I expect some of them to show some progress by sprouting and growing into the next phase of my life real soon now.

Happy Spring!

* After fact-checking, it turns out the first day of spring fell on March 20 this year. Whatever.


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