March 3, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Make 'Em Laugh

This month marks a proud professional milestone for a good friend of mine, author Scott Petri: the release of his first book, "Make 'Em Laugh: Writing the Comedy Film." Currently ranked #1,353,455 on, this book is destined for greatness, as is Mr. Petri himself. Born to an emaciated Sudanese woman in the late 1960s, Scott had a hard upbringing. He suffered constant belittling from the local children, who made fun of him on a daily basis. "It was hard being known as the White Pygmy of the Congo," said Petri in a recent interview, "but this early hardship fueled my future creative energies, and made me who I am today." After emigrating to the United States, he was adopted by an American family in New Hampshire, where his new father taught him the family business of bovine artificial insemination. He found he had a remarkable natural talent for this new vocation, but he still endured the same callous teasing at the hands of his American classmates. Nevertheless, this short, angry man had the last laugh.

"Make 'Em Laugh" dissects the art and craft of comedy writing, and teaches you how to write better comedy. As the previous passage illustrates, I have a lot to learn from Petri and co-writer Stuart Voytilla. But I am proud to say that I contributed some editing notes for an early draft of the Introduction, which I believe, according to the Writers' Guild scale, entitles me to approximately 0.00387% of the (net) royalties. So I've got that going for me.

If you have even the slightest interest in screenwriting (or writing in general), enjoy comedy films, or are simply looking for some colorful coasters for your coffee table, run—don't walk—to your local bookstore (or to buy several copies of this book. And if you want, I can have them personally autographed for you. After all, I know the author.

Way to go, Petri!


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