February 26, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Killer TV

Tonight promises to be an exciting TV night.

Other than the news, I don't watch much television. The only time you can definitely find me in front of the TV is at 9:00 p.m. Tuesday nights, as I fervently await the next hour of "24." More often than not, I also try to catch "Enterprise" (the latest "Star Trek" series) on Wednesday nights. Besides that, about all I use the TV for is news and the occasional DVD.

Tonight, however, should be interesting. Following "Enterprise" on UPN, CBS News anchor Dan Rather interviews the tyrant himself, Saddam Hussein. "The final truth will be decided...in Iraq," the Iraqi leader told Rather in the interview. I must agree. There hasn't been much truth coming out of Iraq since 1991, so the truth will have to be found within Iraq itselfmost likely at the head of a division of U.S. troops.

Take, for instance, Hussein's reply when asked by Rather if he would blow up Iraqi oil fields or other major infrastructures, as he did during the 1991 Gulf War: "Iraq does not burn its wealth and it does not destroy its dams." We all remember the images from 12 years ago, of day becoming night under the thick, black smoke of Iraqi oil fires. Iraq did indeed burn its wealth then, so the man is either delusional or a liar, probably both.

When asked about the Al Samoud missiles that weapons inspectors recently determined to be in violation of U.N.-permitted ranges and ordered to be destroyed, Hussein replied that no such missiles exist. Rather than deny that the Al Samoud missiles' range did not exceed U.N. allowances, he claimed that there were no such prohibited missiles, that any Iraqi missiles that violated the range restrictions had already been destroyed. More lies, more delusions. (Stay tuned to this issue; the deadline for Iraq to destroy these non-existent missiles is this Saturday.)

Though CBS News has posted what appear to be the highlights of the interview on its Web siteincluding Hussein's comical debate challenge to President Bushthere are sure to be many other fascinating and entertaining twists in this broadcast.

And following that program, ABC will air an interview with another murderer: actor Robert Blake. (For the record, allow me to amend that to "alleged" murderer.) Though I lived in Studio City until recently (where the murder of Blake's wife took place), I have little interest in this case. I never watched "Baretta," and could not care less about celebrities' brushes with the law. Nevertheless, the spectacle of an interview with a man accused of murderbefore the case goes to trialis highly unusual, and probably worth putting up with Barbara Walters.


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