February 19, 2003

By Michael Strickland

No Man is an Island

"No man is an island."
—Jon Bon Jovi

Actually, it was John Donne who said it. But Hugh Grant thought it was Bon Jovi. I'm still on my movie kick, and "About A Boy" was the latest disc to spin in my DVD player. Yet another one to recommend.

I've always liked Hugh Grant. In this one, he is his ever-charming self, but plays with more depth than usual. Or perhaps I empathized with his character too much. Though I don't have the money that Will Freeman (Grant) had, I can certainly relate to the man's solitary existence, his lack of direction. In some ways, I too feel like "a blank."

But worry not—I'm not about to bore the five of you who read my column with some self-pitying garbage. Though by definition a "blog" is supposed to be a diary, I've tried to keep the autobiographical fluff to a minimum. Nothing reveals an amateur writer—and puts his readers to sleep—like writing about oneself all the time. So, since I'm drawing a "blank" today, I'll leave it at that.













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