January 20, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Bring on the Mayhem

San Diego authorities are taking no chances when it comes to security precautions for Super Bowl XXXVII. A seven-mile no-fly-zone around Qualcomm Stadium will be enforced by military aircraft. National Guardsmen will protect the fuel tank farms to the north of the Q. No one without a ticket to the Big Game will be allowed anywhere near the stadium parking lot, much less the stadium itself.

Such precautions are prudent in a post-9/11 world. A stadium filled with 70,000 people, hosting an event seen live on television by tens of millions more, would make a tempting target for any terrorist. It's reassuring to know that the authorities are doing all they can to prevent any threat from al Qaeda or other such groups.

But have they prepared for the onslaught of the godless infidels from the north?

As one would expect, Raider fans created mayhem in the streets of Oakland last night when their team defeated the Tennessee Titans to win the AFC Championship and a trip to the Super Bowl. Rabid crowds ignited a large bonfire in the street, threw rocks and bottles, and smashed a number of store windows in "celebration" of their team's first Super Bowl appearance since 1984.

These are the same fans who will raid America's Finest City this week.

Despite hating the Raiders as only a loyal Charger fan can, I confess I was excited to see the Raiders beat the Titans. Rich Gannon is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and—unlike his fans—he's got a lot of class. He deserves a shot at the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Plus, a face-off against ex-Raider head coach Jon "Chucky" Gruden will ratchet up the intensity level.

But if Raider fans celebrate by lighting fires and breaking windows, what will they do if their team loses? Apparently we're doomed to either a little riot or a big riot. Let's hope the authorities make allowances for the AFC Axis of Evil in their preparations.


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