January 15, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Meet the New Boss

Same as the old boss. And all the other bosses.

Have you been bombarded lately with these virus-laden emails from "big@boss.com"? Or am I just one of the lucky few? In the last few days, I must have received close to 50 of these emails. Most have an attached file which is actually the W32/Sobig@MM worm (a virus-like piece of nastiness that spreads itself through email). McAfee classifies it as a "medium risk" worm.

DING! Outlook just chimed as I'm writing this, and sure enough, there's another one in my Inbox!

The fact that I've received so many makes me wonder whether I'm on a bunch of spam lists or if a bunch of people who have me in their Address Book have been infected (I guess that's redundant). Naturally I've deleted each and every email. I always delete every message I receive that has an attached file, even if it's from someone I know, unless it's an image file (.GIF or .JPG) or I have specifically requested the file (so don't bother "forwarding" me any cute screensavers or other unsolicited stuff, because I'll just delete it without opening it anyway). You should do the same—the best way to minimize your chances of infecting your computer with a virus is to NEVER open files attached to emails unless you are absolutely sure they're safe (many virii and worms masquerade themselves by using the return email address of someone you know).

I find more than a little irony in the fact that "big@boss.com" is emailing someone who hasn't worked in a year and a half. Hmmm... maybe I should open one of these attached files after all. Perhaps it won't infect my computer, maybe instead the Big Boss will give me the job of my dreams!


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