January 13, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Sea of Fire

Though I addressed the issue of North Korea's nuclear brinksmanship only a week ago, it's not my intent to make the subject a recurring theme. However, I couldn't let North Korea's threat yesterday to "turn the citadel of imperialism into a sea of fire" go by without repeating it here. Such strong words from a country with the power of thermonuclear fire at (or soon to be at) its disposal rattles my cage. That's the kind of rhetoric one hears these days from hidden terrorists via Al-Jazeera, not from the state-run newspaper of a developed nation.

North Korea's threat was made more disturbing by other news yesterday that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld signed orders to double the number of American forces in the Persian Gulf region. A war with Iraq now seems inevitable. With the U.S. military preoccupied with a conflict in the Gulf, any pressure brought to bear on North Korea will be largely toothless. Kim Jong Il will know we don't currently have the resources to fight Iraq and North Korea at the same time, at least not without a serious strain.

As my brain runs ahead, a little faster than my fingers on the keyboard, it suddenly occurs to me that perhaps a war with Iraq—a possibility I otherwise think is a bad idea for many reasons—could be a good thing after all. With the U.S. military busy in Iraq, the Bush administration will have no choice but to seek a diplomatic solution to Kim Jong Il's nuclear swaggering. Given a choice between the two axes of evil, I'd rather see the U.S. military go up against a (likely non-nuclear) tyrant with a small army that turns tail whenever it meets the Marines than against a (most likely nuclear) tyrant with an army over one million strong and a heavily stocked arsenal of weapons.

Such fun times we're living in!


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